Top 5 Scariest Ghost Tours Places in the World

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Do you know there are places you should visit in the world but you shouldn’t forget to take someone along? Yes, that’s because they are weird and they’ll send shivers down your spine. Some of these places are said to have experienced supernatural occurrences, making them a place definitely not for the faint-hearted! Let’s check out some of the 5 scariest Ghost tours places in the world!

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is known for its colorful Victorian houses, including the famous Iconic Golden Gate Bridge but do you also know that there is a Spooky place called the Alcatraz Island? This infamous place is famed for the notorious criminals who were once imprisoned there. Going on an Alcatraz Island ghost tour will send shivers down your spine as you will learn everything about the prison’s scary past, and if you’re interested in ghosts, paying a visit with night ghost tours will thrill your adrenaline. Don’t forget; TAKE SOMEONE ALONG!


Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

As beautiful as Venice is, Poveglia Island will send frightful chills down the spine of any traveler who dares to explore it. It is a small abandoned island between Venice and Lido which was once used as a quarantine station for people suffering from Bubonic Plague in the 20th century. Later in the 1920s, it was used as a mental asylum and interestingly, the island has been featured in many paranormal shows. Except with professional ghost tours, the island isn’t easily accessible; because you need someone to take you around.


Island of Dolls, Mexico City, Mexico

As weird as it sounds, Isla de las Munecas is home to terrifying dolls hanging over trees, located just the south of Mexico City. Legend has it that the dolls are possessed by the spirit of a girl that was found drowned in mysterious circumstances. Furthermore, locals said the dolls do move their heads, arms and even open their eyes. It is so scary that it was never intended to be a tourist spot, so a ghost tour to this place requires a professional setting; and you can’t go alone!


Kuldhara, Rajasthan, India

Believed to be cursed, this village has been a centre for controversial theories as it has been deserted since the 1800s. According to a local legend, wealthy people – the Paliwal Brahmins were the inhabitants of this village, but a minister named Salim Singh fell in love with a villager’s daughter. In a bid to marry her, he threatened villagers with irrationally high taxes which forced the villagers to leave the place overnight but not without placing a curse on it. Local residents believed that no one can dwell in peace as a sense of evil lurks in the town even till today; scary right? Don’t visit alone!

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Isle of Wight, England

This amazing tourist destination and even fascinating offers picturesque views. It is located on the south coast but full of supernatural stories that has attracted thousands of ‘ghost hunters’ from across the world over the years. Every year, tourists who love spooky places do visit this destination to soak up beautiful views and also send shivers down their spine.

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